Winter Things to Do in Covington, GA

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Covington, Georgia, is prominent for being a film town. It is home to over 60 films and TV shows, including “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Dukes of Hazzard.” If you are visiting here anytime soon, here are some things to do in Covington, GA this winter:

  • Take a tour. Covington offers many world-class tours. The Mystic Falls Tour is perfect for fans of “Vampire Diaries,” while those who like spooks will enjoy a ghost tour. You can also tour historic homes and buildings with a self-guided tour. Some of the best stops include Sandtown Place and The Cedars of Covington.
  • Dine out. Covington is famous for its abundance of delicious restaurants. Try favorites like the Mystic Grill Restaurant, City Pharmacy, and Your Pie.
  • Get outside. Winter does not have to confine you to the indoors. Dress in layers and head to Eastside Trail for a family hike, or take in the winter wildlife at Turner Lake.
  • Grab a drink. If you are a fan of craft beer, head to one of the famous breweries in Covington. Popular breweries include Jailhouse Brewing Company, Oconee Brewing, Slow Pour Brewing Company, and Akademia Brewing Company.

Whether you are a local near Conyers, GA or a traveler from out of state, boredom is a stranger to the town of Covington. Enjoy the history and attractions, and visit Ginn CDJR while you are in town.

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