Outdoor Activities Near Covington, GA

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Outdoor Activities near Covington
Eastside Trail in Covington, GA

Finding the right venture outside prevents boredom during winter. Check out these unique outdoor activities near Covington, GA.

Covington Ghost Tours

One way to enjoy a winter day is to take a Covington Ghost Tour. Experienced guides give tours of various historic sites in Covington, Georgia. Participants will visit many haunted sites, including film locations for “Dukes of Hazzard” and “In the Heat of the Night.” The entire excursion lasts around 90 minutes.

The Covington Ghost Tour is not recommended for kids under 12 years of age, and all children must have an adult with them. You can bring cameras, flashlights, and smartphones. Book a tour today and experience paranormal activity in Covington.

The Original Mystic Falls Tour

If you are a fan of “The Vampire Diaries”, the Mystic Falls Tour is the winter activity for you. Each expedition take you through a whirlwind of filming sites featured in the shows. You could even get a behind-the-scenes look while they are filming. Bring a jacket, in case it gets chilly!

Eastside Trail

The Eastside Trail stretches 2 ½ miles long, making it the ideal outdoor location for a winter stroll. Beautiful scenery and several family-friendly activities differentiate this trail from other Covington attractions.

If you are looking to pass the time doing something fun, these events near Covington, GA will provide you amusement to start off your 2019. While you are out on the town, stop by Ginn CDJR for our wide selection of new cars and auto service areas.

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