5 Hiking Trails near Conyers, GA

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Hiking trails near Conyers
Hiking trails near Conyers

Several old railroads in Georgia have converted to trails. Many picturesque woods, towns, and fields in our area give you the best hiking trails near Conyers.

Arabia Mountain Trail

This trail is 12 miles long and travels from farmlands to woodland waterfalls. It passes through Klondike Park and the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve for stunning vistas. It features many side trails, including one that links to the town of Lithonia, and at its southern end connects to the Rockdale Trail.

Rockdale River Trail

At almost 10 miles, Rockdale winds through hills, heavily forested areas, creeks, and wetland areas. It passes through the beautiful Alexander Lakes area and Panola Mountain State Park, has a trail leading to Martin Luther King Jr. High School, and another extension leading to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, a community of monks founded in 1944.

Eastside Trail

This trail runs on Atlanta’s eastside for 3 miles from the 200-acre Piedmont Park to the neighborhoods of Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown. It is part of the Atlanta BeltLine, which is a planned 33-mile network of trails around the city.

Oxford Trail

Oxford Trail is a very short trail running along Turkey Creek to the charming town of Oxford. The wooded path ambles behind Oxford College and a trail spur leads to Old Church, featuring a large deck beneath a tree for a nice place to picnic.

Cricket Frog Trail

Cricket Frog has about 6.5 miles of open trails named after a local native frog. Its trail is mostly gravel and the best fit for hiking.

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