How to Tailgate in Your RAM Truck

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How to tailgate in your RAM truck

Tailgating in the back of a pickup truck is a time-honored tradition, and RAM trucks provide the capability you need to haul your stuff to the game and back. Here are some extra tips on how to tailgate in your RAM.

Pack the night before – and don’t forget your apparel or tickets!

If you’re packing the morning of, somebody is probably already taking the best spot. If you prepare the night before, you can leave right away and get a prime spot for tailgating. Also, make sure you put your apparel and tickets in the car ahead of time.

Refrigerate your drinks overnight and freeze water bottles

Ice lasts longer if it has less work to do. As a result, refrigerating your drinks overnight helps keep them colder the next day, which also helps ice in the cooler last longer. Freeze water bottles, too, for an extra backup plan.

Invest in a portable grill

It’s not worth it to lug your massive backyard grill to and from the game every week. Instead, get yourself a portable grilling option.

Pack a canopy and sunscreen

It might be fall, but that won’t stop the sun from giving you a nasty sunburn. Bring along some sunscreen (and maybe some aloe), and put up a canopy and some camping chairs.

Perfect your checklist

If tailgating is something you do multiple times, bring your checklist and add or modify it over time – so that, by the end of the season, you have the perfect tailgating checklist.

When you tailgate in your RAM, remember the best part is enjoying food and the game with your loved ones – and if you need a RAM truck for the festivities, stop by Ginn CDJR.

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